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Boiler Installation & Replacement

Boiler Installation

Paul Reid & Son, It’s a family run business for some 28 years. We have the experience in providing the best quality services to customers around Dublin and Kildare finest buildings. We understand how important it is to get the right heating system and boiler for you and your home, so we are here to give you the best possible choice according to your needs.

It’s our commitment to give the best products and services at lowest possible price. You can contact us for consultation and when you call us for your work our experts arrive on site within 45 minutes.

We can assure you that you will fully satisfied with our work and quality. We will not charge anything until you entirely satisfied with the work.

Boiler Replacement

According to the Boiler Industry the average lifetime of a Boiler is 13-15 years. Which means that the Boiler will need to be replaced after some time?

If we install a new Gas Boiler, which is highly efficient, it can reduce fuel consumption, which will reflect in lower gas bills. A well-maintained boiler burns their fuel very efficiently but still needs to be replaced after some time.

Modern boilers are more efficient as they are all condensing boilers. These modern boilers are 25% – 30% more efficient than old non-condensing boilers.

Nowadays due to improved design and technology of gas boilers it comes with comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty which gives you a great satisfaction.

Paul Reid & Son is an experienced company who can advice you the best suitable boilers according to your needs. We have expert advisers who will visit your home for free consultation. Our registered team will come to install your boiler.