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A family run business for some 28 years. We are registered Bord Gais approved installers. Our public liability insurance is in excess of 13 Million Euro.

Our Tax clearance and C 2 are available for inspection. Written guarantee with all works completed. Additional guarantees if required.


Why choose us?

We Are Passionate

Our philosophy is to put our clients first – to understand their situation and provide a first class service tailored to their specific needs. Because we establish one-to-one relationships with each client we are able to offer timely, individual advice and the most fit-for-purpose solutions.

Honest And Dependable

For us honesty is the only policy which is why we complete every project with integrity. We are a forward-thinking company and one of the most trusted heating and plumbing companies in Dublin.

We are always improving

We are professional heating engineers who are committed to continuous improvement. We strive to complete projects within the timescales set by our clients so use the best equipment to ensure every job is done quickly and efficiently.


Is your Plumber up to The Standard?

Answers the phone when you call ?

Often overlooked, at Paul Reid & Son Plumbing, we believe that communication is paramount to great service. Enjoy the confidence of dealing with true professionals who will answer all of your questions with pleasure. Count on reliable & easy telephone contact with a plumber-even 24 hours a day.

Uses floor protectors, such as drop cloths and fabric shoe covers, to protect your home ?

Our extra-thick floor pads protect your shiny wood floors and soft, clean rugs from dirty parts and tools. Rain or shine, our work boots stay covered with fabric “booties” whenever we walk in your home. Rest assured that your home will remain clean!

Has achieved professional Expertise ?

Imagine paying for an apprentice to “practice” on your home? Not at Paul Reid & Son Plumbing Standard! Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with your Master Plumber. In addition to passing the statutory regulation on Gas and Plumbing and Heating

Is educated in “green” building practices ?

Want to save money on your utility bills? We’re with you! We supply & install the best High-Efficiency boilers & Burners available. We advocate low water consumption fixtures like toilets & Taps etc, and we can save you big money on your water bills! We’re experts on tankless, on-demand water heaters and many other wonderful devices that can save the earth & your wallet!

We can fix Any Type Of Boiler !