Boiler Replacement

Boiler Replacement Considerations

If you’re replacing an old heating system with a new boiler, then the cost to install might increase.


Replace or Repair?

Boilers, like everything else, don’t last forever. With good maintenance and care, they can last a very long time.

The typical boiler has a life expectancy of 10 years. Has yours been thriving for over 10  years? As long as it’s still functioning at comfortable temperatures, you may want to ask yourself whether or not it even needs replacing or other drastic action.

How often has it needed repairs?

If this is your first repair, your boiler may not need replacing just yet. Compare the cost of the repair to the cost of replacing. During installation, you’ll be without heat for a couple of days or even a week if complications arise.

Has it been working fine otherwise?

If your boiler has been providing comfort at appropriate levels and you’ve been maintaining your home’s insulation and seals at doors and windows, then there’s probably no need to replace it. If you have made additions to your house that have increased the floor space, your old boiler may not do the job anymore. There’s most likely nothing wrong with the unit, it just might not be powerful enough to meet the new load that your home requires.

Have you been inspecting it?

A yearly inspection is recommended by most professionals in the industry, and that’s not just so they can have repeat business. A crack in the boiler’s heat exchanger can allow poisonous gases to leak into your home. If you haven’t had it inspected, you should do so immediately. If multiple issues are found during an inspection, you should think about replacing your system if it’s out of warranty.

Replacing your boiler can be an expensive prospect, depending on your location and the extent of the job. Before you begin, be sure you understand all of the factors involved, as well as the options available for new boilers. New technology and materials help ensure that your new system will provide comfort, efficiency and plenty of cost savings for years to come.